Other Links to Jake's Chair Resources

As you no doubt may are aware, Jake's Chair is one of the most widespread DIY plans for furniture on the internet. We have collected a small sample of links to other sites promoting Jake's Chair as well as the processes involved with building them. We also have included several links in here if you are interested in purchasing a Jake's Chair rather than building it yourself. We here at JakesChair.com do not warranty or recommend any of the following links as superior to another, we are just trying to help spread the word about Jake's Chair. Please use any of the following at your own discretion and judgement.

Also, if you know of a great Jake's Chair link that is not included in this list, please post it in the forums section and I will add it here for everyone to have access to.

(***Youll need to hold down CTRL when clicking these links, or turn off your pop-up blocker first)

InternetWoodworking.com Jake's Chair Page

Mike's Jake's Chair Page with Pictures and Descriptions

The Twisted Knot Woodshop's Jake's Chair page

A German Farmhouse Welcomes Jake's Chair

Adirondackchair-us.com you can buy a Jake's Chair here

Great site for step by step Jake's Chair instructions in a real woodshop

Another Jake's Chair builder that offers them for sale on his site

Personal website of another woodworker, he has created a Jake's Chair Loveseat!