Thanks for stopping by JakesChair.com. This is where you can find all sorts of information about building these classic adirondack style chairs for yourself. I stumbled upon the plans for these when I was searching for a project earlier this summer, and I ended up building two of them for my front porch. (They're pictured up above in the header photos.)

I had several times during the project that I needed additional information, besides the information in the original plans. I was relegated to scouring the web for various searches for information on Jake's Chair and others who have built Jake's Chair before.

After my Jake's Chair project was complete, I decided to build a small website that condensed all the information out there into one central source. In the pages here, you'll find my analysis and walkthrough of the plans, as well as photos of mine and soon to be other Jake's Chair builder's photos, you can download the original plans, and participate in the forum I have created. The forum serves as a message board application that will allow those of you thinking about building Jake's Chair, or already in the process of building Jake's Chair to bounce ideas, questions, and comments off of one another.

I look forward to seeing your photos, hearing your stories, and interacting with you on the Jake's Chair forums as well.